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Project Grad Event:

The Class of 2021 event will immediately follow the after graduation family reception. Details of this party are kept TOP SECRET to surprise the graduates with a fun-filled celebration that is also alcohol-free, drug-free, well supervised and safe! 


What can we tell you? It will be an all night, one-of-a-kind event that includes all expenses such as late-night dinner, snacks, breakfast, specialty beverages and a magical night of full-production value entertainment, photography, theatrics, shows, participation activities, venue related expenses, gifts and unlimited memories of their final night together as the Class of 2021 graduates.

Project Grad Contribution:

Contributions from senior families are a long standing tradition at Le Jardin Academy, and we kindly ask for your participation. While Project Grad conducts fundraising throughout the year to encourage the entire LJA community to help "pay it forward" for this event, all senior families are asked to make this individual contribution on behalf of their student. 

The event expenses are significantly underwritten by Project Grad but to cover the entire cost, a minimum contribution of $100 per senior is requested.


Please click here to contribute online or submit payment via cash or check made out to Le Jardin Academy with Project Grad written in the memo line.


Email with any questions or concerns, for instance if you are financially unable to make the required contribution.

Project Grad 2021 Chairs

Linda Diersbock

Kerry Lum

Donna Otto

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