Le Jardin Academy Class of 2021 Project Grad


Project Graduation is a nationally recognized drug-and-alcohol-free, adult-supervised, night-long event designed to keep seniors safe on graduation night.  Since its inception in Maine in 1980, Project Graduation has spread to all 50 states and has significantly reduced deaths caused by drinking and driving among high school seniors during the commencement season.


Each year, Le Jardin Academy’s senior class does volunteer work to earn funding for the event, and parents hold many fundraising initiatives throughout the year. 


We aim for 100 percent senior participation in the event, filled with positive memories that last a lifetime.  To achieve our goal, we ask for support through contributions of time, talent or resources.


Drop us a line if you'd like to join our 2021 Project Grad team! 


Class of 2021

Project Grad 2021 Chairs

Linda Diersbock

Kerry Lum

Donna Otto

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